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Discovering more about van leasing is a great next step for super savvy business owners looking to acquire a van for business use. We can help you make sense of the leasing options available


“Should I lease or buy my commercial vehicle?” is perhaps one of the most popular queries among our business customers. As an established van dealership providing both new and used commercial vehicles for sale, lease and rental, we know the advantages that go hand-in-hand with each option. Thanks to this knowledge, we help our customers decipher which approach is the best route for them, their budgets and their businesses.

Whether purchased, leased or rented, your van is an important investment, which makes finding a finance option that works best for you even more important. So you’ve found a new or used van that will be a great fit for your business, now what? Discovering more about van leasing is a great next step for super savvy business owners looking to acquire a van for business use. We can help you make sense of the leasing options available and help you reap the many rewards of commercial vehicle leasing in the process.

Leasing your next vehicle via Vans 365

As a leading supplier of new and used vans to business owners, sole traders and individuals across the country, we are proud to help our customers unlock the many benefits that van leasing brings. In addition to supplying a number of new and used vehicles for lease, we provide access to the finance solutions that make leasing as cost effective, convenient and clear as possible for our customers. We provide the following lease finance options for your new van:

A sections of vans for sales outside of the vans365 office
A sections of vans for sales outside of the vans365 office

Business Contract Hire

Business Contract Hire is an excellent financial solution for many business owners and fleet managers. Those looking for fixed cost motoring can find ultimate peace of mind, particularly if they are certain about the mileage that they’ll be travelling and the condition of the vehicle over the term. A form of vehicle leasing, Business Contract Hire is a popular option, and has fast become an easy and affordable way to fund the growth of commercial vehicle fleets. With Business Contract Hire, you can have confidence that the cost of your new van is covered thanks to fixed monthly rental payments throughout the length of your contract. Read more

Business Finance Lease

Whilst similar in name to the previous finance product, Business Finance Lease is another popular solution for those looking to fund their vehicle purchase with confidence and clarity. Again you have fixed monthly rental payments to make, but at the end of the term you have the chance to make profit on the commercial vehicle that you have come to know. At the end of the contract you can trade in the vehicle or pay a final rental/balloon figure. If the final sale price is above this predetermined balloon payment, you get to keep the profit! Read more

Business Lease Purchase

This vehicle leasing option gives you all you need to lease the vehicle for a fixed monthly payment as well as harness the added option to own the vehicle come the end of your term. Your vehicle purchase is after all an investment, which makes the prospect of owning the vehicle even more rewarding as you can continue to use a van that you are familiar with. These contracts are generally between 24 and 60 months in length and require a low deposit that is often equal to around 3 monthly payments. Read more

Business Contract Purchase

Your van is often your biggest business asset, a way to maximise your business profits and deliver the highest standard of service to your own customer base. Our Business Contract Purchase option helps you make the most of your van with a set series of monthly payments throughout the length of your term. At the end of your contract period, ownership will pass to you after you settle a final payment, giving you the freedom to manage your asset as you see fit. Whether that means part exchanging it, handing the vehicle back or keeping the vehicle for further business use. Read more

Is van leasing right for me?

When compared with buying a van for business use, leasing provides an array of benefits for those who can’t afford to buy their new commercial vehicle outright. Whilst you won’t technically own your van (although some finance options, like our Business Contract Purchase product, offer the chance to own your vehicle at the end of the agreement), you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of van use throughout your contract term for a low, monthly fee.

Unlike buying, leasing doesn’t incur a significant financial outlay. Instead the cost of your new van is spread over a fixed term. You may need to put down a deposit but as a figure that usually equates to around 3 monthly repayments, the cost of your deposit won’t be too big. The cost of maintenance and servicing can also be converted into an easy to manage, low, fixed monthly payment too. Many leasing companies provide product add-ons meaning the costs of maintenance, repair and servicing can be kept to a manageable level throughout the length of your contract term.

There are also a number of tax advantages when leasing a van, reliefs that aren’t necessarily available when purchasing a commercial vehicle outright. You can for instance claim up to 100% of your VAT back on your monthly repayments if you are a VAT-registered business and the van is only being used for business purposes.

Finding the best option for your business is easy with Vans 365. Our team is here to help you make the right financial decisions for your company, whether it’s leasing, buying or renting that is the most suitable route for you. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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